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I am getting very sick of the inflated scores. Yes Virtue and Moir were great. Yes they will win and deserve to. But why must they be so completley untouchable?
In the Canadian field, they are untouchable. Tracy W. made a remark in the pairs event, that the scores at Nationals should be discounted with 10% to have a feeling about how they would score internationally. And I agree pretty much with that. If you take that off Tessa and Scott's mark of 70, you will end up with a 63, which they beat already this year. And a world slass flawless OD could score 65 in a world competition like WC or OG. So based on that is not inflated with more than it should've. In comparison, Chan's 90 was inflated over the top, that program was not worth 82, bsed on the same logic.