The senior mens short program will be the final event of the day today. Start orders are:

1 Evan Gammon WO
2 Andrew Lum BC/YT
3 Ehren Jaleel AB/NT/NU
4 David Struthers QC
5 Sébastien Wolfe QC
6 Dave Ferland QC
7 Patrick Wong BC/YT
8 Marc-André Craig QC
9 Andrei Rogozine CO
10 Ronald Lam BC/YT
11 Louis-Philippe Sirois QC
12 Ian Martinez QC
13 Joey Russell NL
14 Shawn Sawyer QC
15 Kevin Reynolds BC/YT
16 Jeremy Ten BC/YT
17 Vaughn Chipeur AB/NT/NU
18 Patrick Chan CO

WD Dominic Rondeau QC
WD Rob Schultz WO

Post any results, comments, information in this thread.