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Thread: Skaters you have met

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    Former figure skater and HUGE figure skating fan. n_halifax's Avatar
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    Skaters you have met

    Which skaters have you had the opportunity to meet 'in real life'?

    I have met:

    - Jamie Sale (met her at MY work... she came in to do some shopping when SOI was in town one year - so nice!)
    - Brian Orser (walked up to him and introduced myself at the Metro Center in Halifax when Canadians were there)
    - Michelle Menzies (she was coaching here in N.S. and met her at several competitions)
    - Melinda Kuhnegyi and Mike Farrington (both Canadian medallists in pairs and dance respectively... they ran the summer school I skated at two years in a row...)
    - Cameron Medhurst (many time Australian champion, skated on the same ice as him several times when he was training for a pro competition? or something here in Nova Scotia)

    I have corresponded with Anita Hartshorn and have had conversations online with MANY other skaters including Elaine Zayak, Annie Bellemare, Laetitia Hubert, Charlene Wong, Nicholas LaRoche, Nathan Evancho and many others...

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    Down With It
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    At the SOI pre-show M&G last March I had encounters with Michael Weiss, Todd Eldredge, John Zimmerman, Xue Shen, Hongbo Zhao and Sasha Cohen.
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    I met Tomas Verner, Carolina Kostner, Samuel Contesti, Paolo Baccini, Ilia Kulik, Stéphane Lambiel, Kiira Korpi, Sarah Meier, Denise Bielmann, ...
    Can't count them anymore...
    I met them all in different events.

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    Beliver in Sasha's Perfect Program Tinymavy15's Avatar
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    Caroline, Bebe, Mirai, Evan, Jenny Kirk, Carolina Kostner, Danille Khale, Laney Diggs, Amber Corwin (many times), Tim Goebel, Nick La Roche.

    helps to live in So Cal.

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    Mostly from Mike Weiss' foundation shows - Mike, Todd, Yuka & Jason, Jeff B. Armin M., Brian B., Steven Cousins, John Z. & Silvia Fontana, Jen Robinson, Rena & John, Dan Hollander, Kimmie Meissner, Emily Hughes, Sasha, the Kerrs, Ilia

    Liberty Summer Competition - 2009 - Brian Orser, Adam Rippon, Patrick Chan, Paul Wylie, Angela Maxwell, Keegan Messing, Kristine Musademba,

    Skate America - Tanith & Ben, Meryl & Charlie, Alban Preaubert, Navarro & Bonmentre, Jenny Kirk, Chris Mabee, Kurt, Mai Asada

    2003 Worlds - Lulu, Elvis, Paul W. Dick Button (shook hands with him)

    2009 Nationals - Rachel Flatt, Jeremy Abbott, Keauna & Rockne, Evan, Johnny

    1998 Nationals - Michelle
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    Kurt Browning, Rohene Ward, Rachel Flatt, Ashley Deavers, Angela Maxwell, Mia Shibutani and several more at Midwestern Sectionals in Nov. 2006, plus some from my brother's home club.

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    Brian Joubert, Tomas Verner, Adam Rippon, Rena Inoue, Sinead Kerr, John Kerr, Yannick Ponsero, Shizuka Arakawa, Zoë Blanc, Alban Préaubert, Vanessa James, Yannick Bonheur.

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    hungary-in heart of europe
    John&Sinead Kerr-Euros 2007,Worlds 2008
    Alban Preaubert-Worlds 2008 (didnt compete but was there)
    Brian Joubert-Euros 2007,Worlds 2008
    Carolina Kostner-Worlds 2008,Karl Schafer 2009,Oberstdorf
    Tomas Verner- many times
    Kimmie Meissner,Tanit Belbin&Benjamin Agosto-worlds 2008
    Annette Dytrt,Samuel Contesti-Karl Schafer
    Julia Sebestyén-as being Hungarian,i met her many times,even we flew home with the same plane after worlds 2008
    Nora Hoffmann&Max Zavozin,Krisztina Regőczy,Lucie Mysliveckoca&Matej Novak,Karel Zelenka,Michal Brezina
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    i worked at worlds 2009 so i saw practically everyone (who participated) ...except delobel/schoenfelder
    ...and yu-na kim.

    more specifically:
    - had lunch with oda and ando at the table next to me
    - had dinner with ben agosto
    - scott moir chat in elevator
    - adrian schultheiss joking around with food "smuggling"
    - paul poirier hello during practice
    - photo/ congrats with brandon mroz
    - bus with evan lysacek

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    I had the opportunity to meet Kurt Browning during a show in my home city of Nottingham, England, many years ago. I was very impressed by his attitude and by how much time he spent with a child who had both mental and physical disabilities. Kurt is truly a class act.

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    So cool that you met all those skaters while working at Worlds! Being backstage all the time at such an event must be thrilling.

    I've only been to TEB 2009 but I met Verner, Rippon and Arakawa (who all posed for pictures and were extremely kind!) and also Préaubert, Rena Inoue and John Baldwin, Sinead Kerr... I just caught a glimpse of Mao and Yu Na who were in a hurry to get the Ladies LP .

    Oh yeah and I met Kevin and Jenna at a summer skating camp! I had a laugh with Kevin over my 40 year old skates :D (while I was tying up my brand new ones and he told me I was going to be in pain). Kevin is super kind and doesn't have an attitude or anything at all! Jenna is so much more pretty in real life than she appears on tv. On tv she seems to have really sharp features; it really doesn't look that way in real life.

    On my 'I want to meet list': I want to meet a lot more skaters; but the top 3 of my 'wishlist' are: Ashley Wagner (of course), Oda (who was in Paris but I never saw him) and Kozuka (I want to find out if he's as cute and shy as he appears on tv).
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    Tripping on the Podium
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    I've met Johnny Weir and Viktor Petrenko. Both are very nice and very gracious.

    I've also met the newly-crowned 2009 Ukranian champion, Natasha Popova, and the 2009 Russian Champion, Ksenia Makarova. Those 2 girls are really sweet.

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    Mrs. Roman Kostomarov icedancingnut31's Avatar
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    Ok lets see:
    2003 Worlds: Grushina and Goncharov, Lobacheva and Averbukh, Viktoria Volchkova, Sasha Cohen (I got views of Maxim Stavisky and Takeshi Honda but I never went up to them)
    2008 Nationals: Evan Lysacek, Stephen Carriere, Jeremy Abbot and Kristy Yamaguchi
    Champions on Ice: Michelle Kwan, Nancy Kerrigan, Dorothy Hamill, Elvis Stojko, Timothy Goebel, Viktor Petrenko, Rudy Galindo, Dan Hollander, Irina Grigorian (the Hula Hoop Lady) Vladimir Besedin and Oleksiy Polishchuk (The acrobats)

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    Matt Savoie~Soul Skater CzarinaAnya's Avatar
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    Matt Savoie - twice.
    Almost met more of him than I wanted to. lol

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    Kenai, AK
    Kurt Browning
    Scott Hamilton
    Evan Lysacek
    Randy Gardner
    Ryan Bradley
    Paul Wylie (he spoke at my church several years ago)
    Matthew Savoie (congratulated him for making the 06 team, we were both waiting for our bags at the official hotel, he seemed really surprised that I knew who he was lol)

    Melissa Gregory & Denis Petukhov
    Charlotte Maxwell & Nick Traxler
    Amanda Evora & Mark Ladwig

    Caroline Zhang

    I feel like I'm forgetting a few...

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