Where's Jeremy Reynolds or Keven Ten?

I really would like to see Kevin work on that second mark and I think that's very, very possible. I'm going to be unpopular for this opinion but, had the decision been in my hands, Kevin would have went to the Olympics instead of Vaughan. Vaughan is as good now as he will ever be, whereas I think Kevin can definitely grow a lot more. I'm reminded of Michelle Kwan's early years and how much she grew over the years from a jumping dynamo to a beautiful lyrical skater. While Vaughan was stronger at the fw, spins and program components, it's not like he's in Jeremy Abbott or Patrick Chan's league on those elements.

I think, because here in Canada we've had 2 men in a row who weren't jump specialists but blew the field away on the "other" elements, we've become a little complacent about the jumps.