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Thread: Interviews after the competition

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    Interviews after the competition

    Given the limited time during TV for interviews <strong>after</strong> a competion, whom would you most want to see interviewed?

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    John King


    I'd say none of the above.Skaters have better things to do than to spin for four or so minutes,and then get a microphone shoved in their faces!

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    Re: IMHO....

    i'm with you. I just wanted to see how many would like to interview the judges. Why or why did they put so much on so little? or so little on so much?

    I don't think this forum is judging conscious. they prefer to talk about the costumes.


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    Re: IMHO....

    Joe, what a tremendous idea.. to have a half hour special after a major skating event in which the press, coaches and select fans could have a press conference with the judges..

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    Re: Interviews after the competition

    I voted for other - not quite sure what that means, but it's not that I don't enjoy the interviews with the winners, I think sometimes its a little too much.

    I like the way CTV (Rod Black, Debbi Wilkes and crew) handle the interviews. They always talk with our skaters even if they lose - or have a bad day at the rink. It's not always about winning.


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    Princess Leppard 625

    Re: Interviews after the competition

    <span style="colorurple;font-family:georgia;font-size:x-small;">I went with "other" too. I would like to see them interview the person who did something special, maybe a really cool move or spin that no one or few people do, or maybe interview someone who finished way ahead of where everyone expected them to.

    My example of a bad fluff piece/interview? Evgeni lands his
    4-3-3, and what does ABC show? Yagudin talking about how he warms up. Huh?

    Laura </span>

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    La Brum

    Re: Interviews after the competition

    No interviews! It's difficult for the skaters to respond intellegently to the same old questions ("How did it feel out there?", "Were you satisifed with the way you skated?", "What
    happend on the ______ jump?") and the interviews are
    often either embarrasing or excruciating.
    Show more skating instead, especially more short programs.

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    Re: Interviews after the competition

    Hi LaBrun - I agree with everyone about interviewing skaters after a competition. But wouldn't you like to find out why a judge gave Yags higher marks than Abt during last year's Euros?

    Although, I am suspicious of that decision, the judge(s) in his answers may well give a perfectly good reason for giving Yags lst over Abt.

    I would be happy with an answer anyway.


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    Re: Interviews after the competition

    I was watching Bob Costas's review of the year on sports on HBO recently. Costas is supposedly the thinking man's sports analyst, yet when Costas brought up figure skating to the panel, which included Charles Barkley, a football analyst, and a sports journalist, all men, they all laughed, like, "Oh, yeah. That 'girl' sport!" This pissed me off. If sports shows would give at least some serious time to figure skating, gymnastics, and other sports whose fans are mostly women, then perhaps we could get some time for serious discussion about judging. It doesn't just affect figure skating. Anyway, it was the dismissive attitude that annoyed me. Lifetime has been trying to be more serious about figure skating, but early on Sunday mornings and with Nancy Kerrigan as the "analyst" while they also do segments that are fluffier than the stuff inside a Twinkie.

    My only hope is for the Skating Channel. The only way to deal with this crap going on with Speedy, the judging, and the federations is to shine a light on it. The media is the only one with a flashlight, but they need a place to interview the players. In other sports, the analysis goes on ad infinitum. In figure skating, it takes an enormous Olympic judging scandal to get any serious coverage of the sport at all.

    So I didn't vote, but if I did vote, I'd vote for the category of a 30-minute show on skating once a week where athletes, coaches, judges, and officials can be interviewed about serious topics. The post event interviews are what they are: A chance for the winning skater to say why s/he thought they won. Generally useless, but sometimes some good questions are asked, ie, Carruthers keeping after Sasha about her consistency and also some unexpected moments, like Plush's "Nothing." But no time for any real analysis at events.

    Good subject, though Joe.

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    Re: Interviews after the competition

    rGirl - I dig Bob Costas on any sports. He does his homework. I'm sure he could discuss a marbles championship intelligently.

    As for the other guys, I can't blame them. It's not just the USA, it's the world and machismo. Little boys do not wear sequins in any country, and for most guys it is a sport for little girls, and I do mean little. there is a wonderful article in the GS Newsletter by the author of Men are from Mars, etc. Check it out.

    Ballet boys get away with it because it is not considered a sport but you know as well as I that competitiveness runs rampant in show biz. It's just not a formal contest.

    I agree with you, if the ice channel gets going, a once aweek discussion group (free of favoritism) between athletes, judges, officials, and yes, laymen.


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    Jules Asner

    Re: Interviews after the competition

    How about a Barbara Walters special before each exhibition show where she makes the judges cry? I'd pay to see that.

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