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Thread: Gary Beacom working on an ensemble project

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    Gary Beacom working on an ensemble project

    I was reading Gary Beacom's blog and it sounds like he is working on a very creative new project. He writes of the project:

    "we create ensemble works that emulate and surpass michael jackson’s group pieces. we will grow as skaters. we will grow as people. i pledge my years of ongoing experience with competitive and show skating, all the time this initiative deserves, and whatever financial commitment i can take with confidence as this project develops and thrives. come and join. we have skaters here in victoria who will invest themselves and perform all the way to the top. we will use skaters of various levels of ability. come from near and far. hang with us. do what you want and what you can. our accounting method will match your value to the mission and your commitment. this will be an academy, a laboratory, and a factory of performance art. if we go beyond dabbling, it will be good for everyone."
    Very interesting. His blog can be found at for those of you that are interested in reading more about this enigmatic skater.

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    He is just great. Another one who I would love to see skate live.

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    Gary Beacom seems to be"unique soul" and has had some non-skating problems in recent years (much of it self-inflicted), but his originality on skates is undeniable. One of my favorite of his many wonderfully weird programs is something he did years ago called "Malevolent Landscape"--I still watch this and can't figure out how it's possible to get into some of those edges/positions on skates.

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    Pilobolus on skates? Very interesting.

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    He seems to be asking for people to send him money.

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