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Thread: Compulsory Dance January 19th 13:30 Tailinn time

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    I had to leave yesterday for a double period Russian before the big guns and didn't get to see D/S - so saw it now - and it was really really good. They looked like they were the only ones who weren't trying too hard, the costumes were beautifully understated, they looked secure. You could see that he has knee problems even when they took their bows though, congrats to him for skating through it like he did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ankka View Post
    I feel though that they don't have enough lead as their FD has been a mess...
    We don't even know how they will skate their FD. How do you know that it will be bad? Maybe we should just wait?

    As for CD, it was just another level. No one else was even close to them, and that huge scores are absolutely desereved
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    Like Domnina and Shabalin (see the article by Anna in this forum, interviewing them), I believe they skated that CD maybe 90%. Consequently, I feel the placing is absolutely right (all the other couples had problems that were visible even to me), but the value is rather high. The issues (as the article points out) are primarily lack of speed and obvious adjustments to both skaters' movements to cope with the stiffness of Maxim's knee-they cannot get down in their knees as they would if he were healthy. They have to match, so they are both a little stiff.

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    Olympics is going to be very interesting.

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