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Thread: Where can I watch skating online OTHER than the icenetwork?

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    Where can I watch skating online OTHER than the icenetwork?

    I'm new to watch skating online. Are there international websites that we can access in the U.S. where figure skating events are covered other than the site? Please give me your suggestions. Thank you.

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    Welcome to GS!

    The best website for live skating that I know of is but there are others. It tends to vary, and you can always find discussion of what's available where (it depends on your country, sometimes) in the threads devoted to specific competitions, in the Events part of this forum.

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    if you are looking for specific programs, youtube is always a good solution as well.

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    There's always good ol' youtube if you want to watch old performances. Or you can try fsvids (to download those from the current season, you need to repost a certain number of videos; check the requirements).

    With regards to live feeds, my best solution is ask on the respective threads during the competition itself. Most posters are generally happy to oblige (they're a da** resourceful bunch too).

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