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Thread: 96 Worlds (Ladies)

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    96 Worlds (Ladies)

    Probably the biggest one right here

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    sk8ing lady2001

    Re: 96 Worlds (Ladies)

    I'm glad Michelle won.

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    Re: 96 Worlds (Ladies)

    I think Michelle deserved it. But, I wouldn't cried robbed if LuLu won.

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    Re: 96 Worlds (Ladies)

    I'm glad Michelle won & I felt she should have

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    Re: 96 Worlds (Ladies)

    I felt Michelle deserved to win, even though Lulu's program was choreographed beautifully. Even though IMO, Michelle's spins are not the best, I felt Lu Chen's were missing something.

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    Jules Asner

    Re: 96 Worlds (Ladies)

    This was really a tie in my mind -- MK was technically superior by one jump and by her incredible speed that year, plus artistically she was wonderful... Lu Chen's was an artistic masterpiece. Either decision would have been OK with me.

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    Re: 96 Worlds (Ladies)

    This was so close. I thought they both deserved it. I voted for Michelle, but if Lulu had won, I would have been fine with that too.

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    Re: 96 Worlds (Ladies)

    It was so close, but I really thought the night belonged to Lulu.

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    Either Way

    That was one of the greatest nights in figure skating to me, even more exciting than the Lillehammer ladies competition. I loved both of these skaters (epsecially Michelle) and couldn't believe it after I saw Chen Lu's freeskate. It was absolutely perfect in my eyes. Every move of the hand, every look, and for Lulu, six very solid triple jumps. Even today, ranks in my top 3 of all time performances by a lady.
    And then Michelle skated "Salome" and was technically wonderful. Artistically, she was beautiful, wonderful choreography and energy, much better spins than Lulu, and a whopping seven triple jumps. But, I could easily have seen it going either way. I probably would have given it to Chen Lu. And me saying that, one of the biggest Kwan fans!


    Chen Lu

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    Re: Either Way

    <span style="color:maroon;">
    Technically I think both skaters were technically about even.

    Lu Chen jumps flowed better than Michelle Kwans jumps, Lulu had so much more flow and speed coming out of her jumps. Michelle seemed a bit tight in most of her jumps even though she landed some of them quite well.

    Kwan landed 7 triples and 1 2axel
    Chen landed 6 triples and 2 2axels

    Michelles spins were better..

    I can't really judge speed of program on a tape.

    But choregraphy, yes Michelles program was nice, but...Lu Chens LP is one of the best ever to be witnessed...I am amazed at how well she skated that program. I think I would have placed her ahead of Michelle..honestly..and I am a die hard Michelle fan.

    Kwan: 5.9/5.9
    Chen: 5.9/6.0

    I am sure if Chen skated later she might have taken the gold.</span>

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