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    Ladies Free Skate

    Here is the starting order for the ladies free skate:

    Warm-Up Group 1
    1 Lauren KO PHI
    2 Melinda WANG TPE
    3 Lejeanne MARAIS RSA
    4 Crystal KIANG TPE
    5 Ana Cecilia CANTU MEX

    Warm-Up Group 2
    7 Cheltzie LEE AUS
    8 Yan LIU CHN
    9 Na-Young KIM KOR
    10 Chae-Hwa KIM KOR

    Warm-Up Group 3
    11 Amelie LACOSTE CAN
    12 Diane SZMIETT CAN
    13 Myriane SAMSON CAN
    14 Min-Jung KWAK KOR
    15 Alexe GILLES USA

    Warm-Up Group 4
    16 Akiko SUZUKI JPN
    17 Amanda DOBBS USA
    18 Mao ASADA JPN
    19 Haruka IMAI JPN
    20 Caroline ZHANG USA

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    Poor Caroline has to skate last. :(
    Also feeling a bit sorry for Amanda Dobbs who has to skate after Akiko.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moxie View Post
    Poor Caroline has to skate last. :(
    Also feeling a bit sorry for Amanda Dobbs who has to skate after Akiko.
    I hope Caroline and Mao medal though 'cause of their lackluster seasons...

    1. Mao Asada
    2. Akiko Suzuki
    3.Caroline Zhang

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    I have a feeling that Amanda Dobbs is going to medal here... just a hunch. I really don't expect Caroline to ace the FS... I could wish for that but she still won't.

    I still expect Mao to win this as FS is her strong suite but a consistent Suzuki could top a erratic Mao here. Hope Mao will have a good FS.

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    I love Amanda, but unfortunately, she has only 3T, 3S and 3Lo, so her TES is bound to lag behind the other top ladies. Amanda must skate squeaky clean and the other top ladies must make multiple mistakes for her to make the podium.

    Hoping for the best but am prepared to be disappointed.

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    I will predit the elephant in the room: Akiko beats Mao narrowly with a clean freeskate. Mao falls on a triple Axel and gets some downgrades.

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