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Thread: Pairs Free Skate

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    I just watched Z/Z FS. The were just fantastic. Loved the new costumes and they skated beautifully. Nice to see them smile in the K&C.

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    I finally got a copy of Zhang/Zhang's LP and SP. I'm so glad that the real Z&Z are now in the house for the Olympics. During the GP, it seemed that someone they had been replaced by shadows built in cardboard of themselves. And sad shadows at that.

    They really rocked both program! The 2A3T was absolutely the best I have seen them do it! I have to look and see whether they were called UR, but still, awesome!

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    I just watched this on tape on, and wow, it was a splatfest except for Zhang and Zhang. I can't believe M&B and D&B got medals with those performances.

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