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Thread: Who will try a quad and land it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ing View Post
    Schultheiss might try.
    Yes, I think he will, since he took the quad out the last minute before he skated his LP in Euros. But I doubt he'll land it though... But he has to try eventually, why not now, he got nothing to lose.

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    According to the planned elements on Schultheiss will attempt a 4T-3T in the short. Has he ever tried/landed that before?

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    Dai confirmed that he will try the quad. But his success rates seem to have been low. If I average out the practice reports that I've checked out during the last few weeks, it sounds like less than 10%. I've never heard that he landed in in the run through during public practices, has he? Even though it's getting better during the last couple of days, it's an extremely risky choice. It would be great if something bigger may help him. But if he needs to make any mistake, I hope that he pops into a triple. If he falls or gets DG, it will open the door to Oda, Johnny, Lambiel, Chan, and Koz. I wonder how well Lambiel will do. He also seems to rely on the big tricks.

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    I don't know what happened to the reports that Lambiel will try three quads. If he does, I'll scream like crazy for him.

    Big respect to Dai for going for the quad, even though he is unsure of it. That is how you should be at the Olys. Am sick of stagnation and going for the sure thing. I hope Weir goes for it too and makes it! Wouldn't that be something!

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    It will be very disappointing if Evan wins without a quad again~~~
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