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Thread: Kurt Browning chats with John Moore

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    News Kurt Browning chats with John Moore

    Listen to Kurt live on radio talking about a new film called "Athletes In Motion." It will be shown on Bravo this Sunday.

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    SO wish Canada's Bravo and the US's Bravo would share more original programming... *pouts*

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    You said the magic words! I come running when I hear "Kurt Browning," and he never disappoints. He's so articulate and so gracious about other athletes. I wish we could see that show on American Bravo. Maybe it'll show up online, or someone will put bits of it on YouTube. As far as I'm concerned, Browning is the top of the pyramid now and forever--and amazingly, he's still innovating at this stage of his career. Thanks so much for posting this.

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    Kurt's a gentleman and a great figure skater. Now tell me more about this Bravo thing. Is it about all sports? Is is about figure skating?

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    Bravo is a mixed bag , content wise.. Arts ,some drama,interviews, live performance and sports that usually get minimal coverage on mainstream T.V..( I enjoy watching the showjumping, as well )

    No wait ..I'm confusing Bravo with Bold ( I'm just on my first coffee, sorry). In Canada Bravo is sort of the above mix sans sports..Bold is pretty much the same with sports
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