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    79 36.24%
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  • Pairs

    21 9.63%
  • Ice Dance

    32 14.68%
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    24 11.01%
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Thread: Which Discipline are you most excited for?

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    Because the olympics are the only major event in which the different disciplines take place one at a time, not overlapping, it will be interesting to see how the results shape the thinking on political and other influences. Dance coming after pairs and mens in particular would seem the most vulnerable. So, if the events were near simultaneous like at worlds, I would have reasons to be most excited (anxious) about a particular event, but I think each event will have its storyline to keep me on the edge of my seat

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    The men. But really all events should be awesome and exiting!!!!

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    I'm excited to watch all of them (and have hopes for the podium), but I do think that mens and dance are the deepest fields - so they should be super exciting!

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    Men's, of course.

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    Men's and dance!
    I would be excited for pairs but I'm too nervous for S/S. If they end up off the podium, I will be devastated.

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    Definately Dance and Men's. To me they are the most exciting right now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zartian View Post
    I think the answer to this question is quite predictable: men & dance!

    because... the general public tend to be more excited for the discipline which has top contenders from their home country. (there's always an exception, though)
    With no top contenders from my country, I still absolutely prefer MEN's! Pairs comes second, but I will watch all of it I don't understand dance and who should win, but I enjoy watching some of the programmes. For ladies I as always hope for surprises.

    Quote Originally Posted by janetfan View Post
    I have already lost a degree of Olympic enthusiasm hearing about Lindsey Vonn's injury. Yes, I happen to love the Men's and Women's Downhill race as much as most of the skating.
    I am also sad for Lindsey, although she is one of the main competitor for ours Anja Pärson. I really hope she can compete in olympics. I am a great fan of her.

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    It's always been about the men for me.

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    I'd say the men, but I'm pretty sure that it's already decided. as long as Plunshenko stands up he gets the win no matter who else skates his heart out

    so I guess Ice Dance.

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    For the first time in quite a while, I am looking forward to the pairs. Amada Evora, with her fresh attitude of, "I still can't believe I'm at the OLympics! Don't wake me up until this delicious dream is over!" -- that alone is worth the price of admission.

    Plus, Denney and Barrett have a chance to make a big splash.

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    2) Ice Dance
    3) Pairs
    4) Ladies

    Others sports I'm excited about:
    Short Track
    Ski Jumping
    Speed Skating

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    looking at photos on facebook and icenetwork it looks like the Florida quad are having a fantastic time!

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    Pairs is what I'm most excited and on edge about. I want to see S/Z crowned king and queen of the skating universe! I want to see if the Olympic thrill impels them to elevate their rather humdrum programs (esp. the SP) into high art. And I'm terrified that age will catch up to them at last. The name of that SP could have been picked by a thriller writer with the plot turning precisely on how they don't live forever. S/S conceivably have the capacity to beat S/Z, I just pray it won't happen.

    I also look forward to seeing Evora and Ladwig again - they add something very special with their elegance - and seeing how the USA's baby champs will deal with Olympic pressure.

    As for men - I like too many of them to be disappointed or even to have a favorite. Even Plushenko winning won't upset me as his comeback is so admirable. I'll be screaming when Daisuke and Johnny skate, but Jeremy, Oda, Stephane, and Verner on the podium would also make me happy.

    Ladies - Yu Na's superiority and Sasha's absence diminish the excitement, for me. So I hope Mao, Miki, and Akiko excel themselves and make it a true battle. I hope Yu Na skates her heart out so that we can all be proud of our new champion. (It's very hard to imagine any other OGM.) And I'll be on tenterhooks when Mirai skates - I so want her to do what she's capable of.

    Ice dance - I fear the competition has been damaged by the controversy around D/S-Russia's costumes. I will be surprised if that team will be scored fairly (although my bad angel says "karma"...). But there should be a great duel between D/W and V/M and I'm very excited to see D/S-France return with such high stakes.

    I just love the Olympics!!!
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    1. Dance
    2. Pairs/Men
    Distant 3. Ladies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joesitz View Post
    Actually, for the Gold medals, there seems to be a lock on each of the 4 disciplines: Plushenko, Asada, S/Z, D/S. I will be anxious to see how that runs out.
    Mostly I agree with you except Ladies. Let's be honest-- The Golden Lock for Ladies is Yuna Kim.

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