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Thread: Why do Pittsburgh PA hotels charge so much?

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    Why do Pittsburgh PA hotels charge so much?

    I checked into the rates of some Pittsburgh hotels for SA 2004. WOW the rates a high, from $179 - over $200. I just returned from a trip to Boston, and the $200 mark is Boston rate.

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    You know, you have to look. NYC has a well deserved reputation of high prices. Yet when I go there for a weekend and don't want to stay with any friends, I stay in Manhattan (East Village) for $30/night! No, it's not Ritz, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone expecting any comfort, but it is better than YMCA (you get your private space with a key).

    As to Boston... very tough. Your best bet is to look in the suburbs, especially if you are renting a car. Even if you don't, Boston has a very decent public transportation system. However, if you insist on staying in Boston/Cambridge/Brookline...

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