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Thread: Mirai wants to room with Weir

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    Mirai wants to room with Weir

    Maybe someone has posted this somewhere ... I "advance searched" but didn't find it so...

    Mirai sure is a joy to watch and also, listen to:

    I thought it's Olympic-related so posted here, OK?

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    Ugh, I'm falling in love with this girl. She's my hands-down sentimental favorite. I'm glad Frank has been able to present her well. Go Mirai!

    Can't wait to try the Mirai Olympic Roll.

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    I'd also like to highlight this quote from her:

    "Hopefully, I will be able to just stand next to Yuna, and while she is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, I will just be holding it up with a finger."

    That goes beyond witty to poetic. <3 One day far down the road, she and Johnny would make an amazing commentary team.

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    Abso-blooming-lutely delightful!

    And notice how she manages to be funny and sparkling without trashing anyone else.

    Golly, I hope she does really well here and stays around in the top ranks of skating for a long time to come.

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    Mirai is the most adorable thing ever! She is a media darling. I adore her and wish her the best in Vancouver.

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    Such a cute girl, she really seems honest and genuine. Hope she skates really well here! She had the 4th highest scoring SP for ladies this season and her jumps have gotten much better since CoC - i'm really hoping she can hold her own and show the world the real, grown up Mirai has arrived. GO MIRAI :D

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