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Thread: Pairs Event Wrap-Up: Your thoughts on the podium!

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    Yeah, but I just think she herself would take the blame for the throw and her other fall. She seems like the kinda pair skater who would, and with the strength of Moskvina, Im not to sure they'd reassure her it wasn't her fault.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skatemom1122 View Post
    Do you feel they deserved a higher placement?
    Not at all. But I'd still feel bad for her if she's sad over not getting a higher ranking, rather than being proud that after a rocky season, she and Robin pulled it together to win bronze at the Olympics. In fact, they are the first German pair to win an Olympic medal in 12 years. The previous pair had some guy named Ingo Steuer in it.

    Quote Originally Posted by ARipp42014 View Post
    Most likely is because they had a tough season (changing programs after that horrible performance in Paris, bad bout of the flu that we thought it was Mono, losing to K/S at Euros) and thought maybe things would turn around after performing very well in the Short but it didn't. They had a chance and it slipped away with that fall. While I applude her for keep it together, I do wanna give her a hug.
    Shouldn't she be proud they did as well as they did, then? And maybe she was proud and relieved? That's what I want to know. So if someone has a relevant interview that can lend some insight, please do cough it up.

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    i've been shen and zhao's fan since discovering their worlds 2003 lp to turandot. it broke my heart that zhao got injured in 2005, but it's really amazing how the pair managed to get the bronze in turino. and now 4 years later, they are the olympic champions!

    shen and zhao's long program was not perfect. but they hung on for the gold. according to michael weiss' tweet, if zhao wasn't able to complete 2 turns (he was able to do 2 1/2), pang and tong would have won. i guess the lift should have more than two turns to be credited. props also to shen for hanging on to the landing of the throw 3 salchow. even with the mistake in the lift, their stupendous performance in the short makes them really deserving to win... it's been a few hours since the medal ceremony, and it still feels like a dream to me that they have finally won gold.

    thank you to the poster who pointed out pang and tong's lp in a chinese site. marvelous performance for them. anyone knows who choreographed their lp? their lp is wonderful and well choreographed. big moves were in time to the crescendo of the music.

    congratulations also to s/s for fighting for their program after the disastrous sbs jumps.

    thank goodness, k/s were not in the podium after that performance. when i saw kavaguti ripping her costume to expose her shoulders and the heart, i thought for that alone they should be off the podium. and it's creepy how she pops her shoulder back.

    on a side note, it's my first post here in gs. been lurking the entire gp season as i was content on reading everyone's posts. but shen and zhao bagging gold made me register pronto! i'm in the philippines, and lo and behold, they broadcasted both the short and the long programs in its entirety! even better, there was no commentary for the lp. i do want to see the fluff on bin yao though.

    congratulations again to shen and zhao, pang and tong, and savchenko and szolkowy!
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    So overjoyed for S/Z. The placements were spot on. Actually, the placements made me think of the old scoring system in a way... right after I was thinking that if S/Z were 3rd in the LP, P/T would have won... not quite true, but still made me think of 6.0.

    S/Z - not the skate of their lives, but still pretty good, especially considering how tense they looked right before. So much pressure for them, but they came through and completely deserved their gold medal. And their reactions when they saw that they won were amazing and so perfect. My heart was pounding and I could not sit still through their whole performance, I was so nervous for them, but YAY!

    P/T - WOW! That was amazing. They skated lights out and were brilliant. They fully deserved that silver medal, and though I'm glad they didn't win, I would have been okay with them getting gold with a skate like that. They fully deserved their LP win... do skaters get the mini-medals for each segment here like they do at ISU events (like will P/T get a mini-gold for their LP win, S/S a mini-silver for their SP 2nd, etc)?

    S/S - so sad. I was cheering full out for S/Z but when he fell I actually stood up and shouted NO!!! This was the first time I saw their program and man, was it ever gorgeous! Sad for their result, but instead of losing gold, they completely earned their bronze.

    In other Pairs stuff... the commentators here were saying how D/D's program is so beautiful and could reduce people to tears. I'm sorry but I didn't quite get that. To me it was their typical 'pretty' program. Good job for the US teams, though both ladies need to work on their posture quite a bit. I really hope that for next season Volosozhar gets a partner that is good enough for her, but I don't know if she'll get one as good at lifts as Morosov. Kudos to him for his effort in the LP and for the attack on his jumps.

    Really looking forward to the tiny Russians (their sizes make me think of G&G) and James/Bonnheur in the future!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightbulb View Post
    thank you to the poster who pointed out pang and tong's lp in a chinese site. marvelous performance for them. anyone knows who choreographed their lp? their lp is wonderful and well choreographed. big moves were in time to the crescendo of the music.
    I believe it's David Wilson's work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aurora100 View Post
    I watched the medal ceremony. It was strange how the camera stayed on Aliona when Pang/Tong were receiving their medal. I didn't see Aliona cry but she looked just pissed off and no energy. The HD shows too much sometimes.
    There were definitely tears (or near tears) if I recall correctly almost as soon as she steps onto the podium. Not sure about 'pissed off' but definitely no energy; at some point I feared her legs were going to give in under her. I think it was a rough moment for her (knowing it's over, knowing you didn't skate your best in the LP...). I'm sure they'll recover and hopefully they'll skate for gold in Turin. Last night; it just wasn't meant to be, I think. Shen/Zhao getting the gold seemed written in the stars; S/S just didn't have that 'Olympic Joy' that you see in most Olympic Gold Medal Performances.

    The number of mistakes was high last night. But despite not watching pairs all that often, I have the feeling that it's quite common for programs to have at least a wobble or two? At least I hope this isn't a preview of the next figure skating events!!!

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    I'm so happy for that podium.
    S/Z were my favourites since turandot2003 and I'm just so happy for them, they did a perfect SP, and great LP, though with those lift error.

    P/T were absolutely amazing in LP, but coming for the 4th position it would have been a great surprise getting to gold (also a bit unfair).

    S/S, I feel sorry for them. I loved them since dortmund2004 and I've also seen them alive many times...but this season they had plenty of problem and I didn't really expect them to get all together here. perhaps they wanted it too much and felt all the pressure of that...

    I'm also very happy for Nicole and Yannick (italians)!

    BTW, it was since 1964 that we hadn't a non-Russian pair on the top!

    And yes, I'm so curious now to see what happens in the other has become much more interesting!

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    Yey that was a great podium, S/S were wonderful despite the mistake that took my breath away for a moment, the end of their program was touching. I saw only last two groups, my heart broken for K/S and I felt sorry for them. But i know podium has ony 3 places and I was happy at the end of night, medal ceremony was priceless with s/z singing on top of it! I bet beepbeep is flying to the moon today

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    Yuko said that she was kind of confused to be told right before the performance that they shouldn't try the quad.

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    Shen and Zhao are Golden!!

    I couldn't be happier with the podium we got. Shen and Zhao showed us why they have such a command on the ice, they embody the phrase "two shall skate as one", which is what defines pairs figure skating. Seven years ago they made me cry with how beautiful they skated to Turandot, and four years ago with their bronze medal in Torino, I was happy for them, because is was a miracle to get there after Hongbo's injury. Yesterday the dream came true at last. They are golden!

    On a technical comment, watching again their program I don't think the error on the lift was so bad, they did salvage it enough and didn't disrupt the program. I was worried because the next 3 elements after that lift were the biggest ones, and they did them outstandingly beautiful.

    I was also proud of Pang and Tong, they sure have come a long way, and with style. I wanted them also on the podium and what a great joy that they advance to second place. Tong is such a great dancer, I think he is one of those few male pair skaters that grab your attention, because of his extension and musicality. Very well done by them!

    Savchenko and Szolkowy had a rough night, the first jump I got worried for Robyn, and was paying so much attention that I didn't notice Aliona making a double until Scott mentioned it. This particular program of theirs is not my favorite, I think their short is better, but with all the problems they encounter this season, they should be proud of their bronze medal as well.

    I can't believe that I actually got my dreamed podium!
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    Happy! Just happy! A fairytale ending. What more can anyone want?! I am very happy for P/T too!

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    Happy with the podium. Not able to watch all of them yet, but happy esp for shen and zhao. They've come such a long way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bennett View Post
    Yuko said that she was kind of confused to be told right before the performance that they shouldn't try the quad.
    That's the worst thing a coach and skater could do is to go against their plan at the last minute, especially at an Olympic Games.

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    It was a strange night, pretty much all the pairs fell except the top two and even Shen and Zhao skates the worst I have seen them a year. I though they would do another world record breaking performance but I think they were just too realxed and confident they had it won.

    I have to say the judging was fair, I really have no beef with anything, which is a blessing in and of itslef.

    Pang and Tong really impressed me, talk about the right choice of music! It was the most expressie I have ever seen her, and although the throws were not as effortless as they usually are, it was so nice to see a clean program.

    I was so sad for Aliona and Robin. I think they have been feeling all season that there was no way they could beat Shen and Zhao for the gold and almost gave up before they even got here. Ironically if thy had been clean they would have won considering Shen and Zhao had mistakes. It was still a beautiful program, but they looked so sad...

    K&S stunned me. I thought they would do the quad for sure, and so did he. It seems he threw her for the quad but she only did a triple and so the throw was too big. After that they knew it was pretty much over. I was just so surprised to see so many mistakes from them.

    Dube once again pulls a Keauna. I reallly thought thy would have that magical skate with that beautiful program, but not to be. Nice performance, but not the emotion of Nationals.

    M&T were okay... Why all the red dresses? But it was better than the balllet inspired white tights look. She felll, so now they are even.

    I found Zhang/Zhang painful
    to watch. Why did both teams skating to Sherezade ignore the music? I though Caydee and Jeremy did a better job.

    Mark and Evora were great. Top Ten is such an accomplishment and i think they skated better than at Nationals. They were just a joy for me and certainly one if the highlights of the night.

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    First of all, congatulations to all the medalists!

    I think, Shen & Zhao's win has made so many fans around the world happy. Like, finally!

    If I have to choose between the two non-faves, I'd give the gold to Pang & Tong.

    Of course I'm disappointed with how S & S and K & S have done. But who's to blame? In their case, certainly not the judges. I wonder if they stick around for another 4 yrs. Shen & Zhao should inspire them in that regard.

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