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Thread: Pair teams for US

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    Pair teams for US

    Considering the US had it's worse showing in pairs, how many pair teams will we get for Worlds or do the Olympics count for Worlds and did we send the wrong team

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    I think this should be moved to the Olympic thread.

    2011 spots won't be determined until Worlds next month.

    Yes, this was the worst showing for the U.S. teams, but I honestly don't think McBru or Baldwin/Inoue would have not done much better.
    E/L put two very solid skates and placed in the top 10, which is better than what McBru did at their first Worlds (11th) and equaled what B/I did at their first worlds in 2002. They also scored the highest SINGLE element in the LP with that really cool lift. (7.15 base value +2 GOE).
    I think B/D did not have their best program in the short and that really hurt them in the rankings overall. But they didn't give up, gave a fall-free LP (which we could not say for many of the other pairs) and posted a personal best. And I can tell that they've really worked on their weak elements, such as the death spiral. I think their work ethic is very similar to S/Z and look where it got them.
    I think both teams really soaked the experience and I expect some good results come Worlds. Their goal is to get a third spot and I think they have a great shot at doing so.

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    Well, we didn't send the "wrong teams" because Denney and Barrett and Evora and Ladwig were first and second at U.S. Nationals, so they earned their places on the U.S. team no matter what. That said, Evora and Ladwig skated their hearts out and loved every moment of their Olympic experience. It doesn't get any better than that! Denney and Barrett will only get strongeras they gain more and more international experience.

    As to whether Denney and Barrett can move up enough at words to give the U.S. three stops for 2011, I think the main factor is whether some of the Olympic medalists decide to skip worlds.

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    According to this article on Icenework the two US teams need to have a combined placement of 13 or less next month at Worlds to qualify 3 teams for next year.

    I think we send the right teams to the Olympics. They both skated great. I don't think any of the other US teams would have done better.

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    Considering that these two teams only had one Worlds appearance between both of them before heading to Vancouver, I think their showings at the Olympics were quite good. Amanda & Mark shocked everyone by skating so well (they blew away their personal bests by a LOT of points in this competition and that wasn't even with a clean LP) and their experiences there will only help them as they head to their first Worlds next month. Caydee & Jeremy are capable of skating much better than they did in Vancouver and should also improve their standing in Torino. We definitely sent the right two teams to the Olympics (I kind of hope John Baldwin is eating a little crow now that Amanda & Mark skated so well ) and I for one am very proud of both of them.

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