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Thread: Questions raised over ice dance judging panel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tesla View Post
    It wouldn't be a figure skating board without the ringing cries of "wuz robbed" and "fixed judging."
    No, those cries occur only when Russians win.

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    Heh - oxade claimed the Canadians winning was fixed, so I think she just disproved her own contention.

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    Oxade always prefers Russian teams, so any competition where they don't win is suspect from her point of view.

    In this particular case, DomShabs are at most about 75% of what they used to be, and they are unable to perform at their previous level due to Shabalin's damaged knees. If DomShabs won the OGM over the exceptional skating of V/M and D/W, that would truly be a travesty.

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    I don't think there's anything wrong with discussing politics, skating is a judged sport and so there will always be some politcs and some subjectivity involved.

    But IMO the skaters shouldn't be blamed for real/precieved political judging, it's not like they give their scores to themselves. Just as I think it's not fair to assume that any time a Russian skater wins it's only because of politics or any judge who is Russian is automatically unfair, etc...

    I'm a little bit puzzled about people crying wuzrobbed even before the competition ended (and actually, even before it started), especially since the judging has been pretty fair so far.
    (And let's also consider that at Euros the judging panel - which I'm sure included many 'Russian block' judges - gave D/S relatively low scores compared to what the NA top couples have been getting this season, so I don't think they're slotted for gold at all.)

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    There is always some politics in figure skating, especially in ice dance.

    As far as I can concern UNTIL THIS it is the most fairly judged Olympics so far !!
    I hope it will continue like that.
    I really think that they started to understand, to be more transparent and fair is essential in this stage to survive and keep this wonderful sport in the schedule of the Olympics.

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