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Thread: Can Mao Asada’s time have passed if it never happened? -- Hersh

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    I think it's safe to close this thread with a resounding "NO!" after tonight's performance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bethissoawesome View Post
    Mao proved with her SP tonight that her time isn't over... win or lose, Mao is a skater that will go down in the history books. All Hersh needs to do to see if Mao's "time has passed" is go to Japan, see her face plastered EVERYWHERE, and realize that it hasn't. On my last trip to Japan, I think I saw more endorsements for Mao than any other Japanese celebrity, including their music chart toppers Ayumi Hamasaki and Koda Kumi as well as fellow skater Miki Ando.

    Not to mention one of the best things Mao does for figure skating is provide a TRUE RIVAL for Yu-Na Kim, someone that her own age and level that has competed against her since the beginning (and vice versa). These two ladies have taken the top level of ladies figure skating to a whole new stratosphere, if Mao Asada didn't against... who knows if Yu-Na Kim would be the same skater she is today (once again, the reverse is true as well). I think as far as skating history goes, when someone says the name "Yu-Na Kim" or "Mao Asada," the other's name will always come to mind as well.
    That sounds awfully like Harry Potter/Lord Voldie! LOL

    But I agree.

    In your face, Hersh.

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    This is loads of trash journalism. No objectivity,very little based on facts. He has long ago lost credibility.Don't listen to him

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