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Thread: Could a perfect Kwan have beaten a perfect Yu-Na?

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    I'm really sad because there are people who think that Yuna got everything very easily and granted, like money, endorsements and place to train. This is just stupid, and, please, restrain yourself from comments like this, cause you have no freaking idea what are you talking about.

    About the thread question...

    Michelle vs Yuna. I think we will never know the answer to this question. Michelle for sure would skate differently for the CoP system and Yuna for sure would skate differently for 6.0 system. Both of them are technically nearly perfect. They both are fast. I think Yuna is overall faster than Michelle, but, I think, the maximum speed of Michelle was greater, especially during step sequences.

    So it's just it, we will never know.

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    I'm not Mrs. P, but just to give you idea of difference between KR and other old figure skating countries in systemic support.

    This is TV program showing Yuna's days in Dec. 2006. In here you can see her daily routine, hopping rink after rink to have some training time.

    I don't know whether you can see this, but it's working from states. It's showing she's training in the rink which was in the middle of the mall - it's part of amusement park in the mall -. You can see all the shoppers, and hear the sounds from the park. Righter after showing her training situation, it shows Mao's university rink right afterward to compare the difference in the support and urge more support for figure skaters in KR . Sadly, I don't think KR gov feels that investing into figure skating is worth it, yet.
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    Could a perfect Kwan have beaten a perfect Yu-Na?

    Not at the Olympics. Kwan was never able to skate all out at the Olympics. If she had, she would have beaten Tara Lipsinski and Sarah Hughes.

    Besides Kwan is gone from skating. Bye Bye----done! Can't we just let her go?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    When Michelle was at her peak, let's say around 2000, I think she could have beaten Yu-na (age 10.)
    I agree.

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    This is a totally absurb thread.You can't compare one generation of skaters with another.

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