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Thread: Funny Maclean's column poking fun at Stojko and a few others

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    Funny Maclean's column poking fun at Stojko and a few others

    Maclean's had great coverage last week. Tessa & Scott are on the cover and have an article. Joannie has a short article. One of their humourous columnists, Scott Feschuk did a piece listing all of the "complainers" and "blamers" at the Olympics, and what they complained about. He listed Brian Joubert as a blamer. Of the complainer Plushenko, he had this to say: "Evgeni Plushenko lost to Evan Lysacek and complained about Lysacek's decision to not attempt a quad jump. Lysacek complained about Plushenko's complaining. Plushenko's wife complained about the "gross mistake" made by the judges".

    The funniest part of the column was reserved for Stojko: "One final word to the kids. Boys and girls, as you aspire to one day wind up on the podium, or to undermine those standing there instead of you, it's important to have a role model-and I don't think you could pick anyone better than Elvis Stokjo. Stojko retired as an Olympian years ago, but he came into these Winter Games as though he'd just complained yesterday. He complained about figure skating's new scoring system. He complained about Lysacek winning the gold medal. He complained about Canadian hopeful Patrick Chan not attempting a quad jump. He even complained about his complaints being complained about by a Skate Canada official. You can't teach that kind of complaining."

    Nice job, Mr. Feschuk.

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    Oh, Bravo!

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    Feschuk is funny. Elvis is a tool.

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    That was funny.

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