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Thread: ISU goes NUTS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by evangeline View Post
    Time to take off the tinfoil hat and point the antennae to another planet, I think.
    My planet always has room for humor. Doesn't yours?

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    Quote Originally Posted by janetfan View Post
    Was this already posted? I came across it this afternoon and got from a few laughs from it:

    Summarizes thousands and thousands of posts, commentaries, opinions ....... in five minutes.

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    Actually, Plushenko is not graceful and doesn't have the in betweens like some of the others. He just jumps and doesn't do much else. I would prefer to watch Lyachek a lot more.
    Are you from Russia? I think your language is quite good for a foriegner. Sure would be interested in knowing where you are from.

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