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Thread: Cable Movie Alert: Night of the Hunter

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    Cable Movie Alert: Night of the Hunter

    Tonight, Wednesday 11-12-03 at 8pm EST on Turner Classic Movies will show "Night of the Hunter" (check local listings). It's the only film directed by Charles Laughton and for those of you who followed some of the "favorite old movies" threads, you'll know that "Night of the Hunter" is considered by many to be a must-see movie. Made in the '50s with great performances all around, but especially by Robert Mitchum, it is a film ahead of its time and has both a dramatic and visual magic that is unique in film history. Highly recommend.

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    Thanks for the alert Rgirl. I purchased the tape several years ago for $5.00 from one of those Movie catalogs.

    The Night of the Hunter has always been one of my favorite films although I never watch it alone and once seen, you'll understand my viewing reservations.


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    One of the best movies ever made. Great acting from Robert Mitchum.

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    I just saw it. I thought it was crazy. I didn't like it. The scenery was weird and fake-looking. Why did they keep showing close-ups of frogs and foxes and spider webs? It was disturbing. I did not like Robert Mitchum at all.


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    Sure not my cup of tea. When I read the small synopsis in the paper, I knew better than to try to watch it. :\

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    I watched it. After I started it I realized I have seen it before quite a while back. Robert Mitchum was definitely creepy. Enjoyed it but it is a disturbing movie.
    Movie makers today should take a lesson from this in how to make a creepy movie without blood, gore, and foul language.

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