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Thread: Peerless pairs-only get three this time, Gold Silver Bronze!

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    Peerless pairs-only get three this time, Gold Silver Bronze!

    These three pairs are from different eras but I found mesmerizing. I wish I could see the Gold medalists again and again.

    1. For me, this couple was peerless, the embodiment of 2 as one, I just don't believe I will be more moved or impressed with what they were, I have a feeling there will be consensus on all time gold medalist skaters.

    Goordeeva/ Grinkov

    2. For sheer athleticism, growth, transformation, achievement, overcoming much adversity...

    Shen and Zhao

    3. The most powerful, precise, united, athletic pair of their time. Their music stopped and they continued on with awesome perfection and unity. Anyone remember that performance?

    Rodnina and Zaitsev

    to be fair there should be a Pewter medalist and Sale /Pelletier get my nod for Love Story alone.

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    My word, I couldn't agree more with your Gold and Silver.

    As for bronze, fair enough, but they are so far behind G/G in my mind that I sort of become "yeah, they're alright"...

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    Yes, Goordeva and Gringov and Shen and Zhao were the best for their eras. As for a #3, maybe Sale and Pellitier.

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    Gold - Natalia/Artur
    Silver - Katia/Sergei
    Bronze - Elena/Anton & Xue/Hongbo

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    I love the words you used to characterize those three pairs, and I think I'd agree with you in terms of ranking. i know that Rodnina/Zaitsev seem a bit old-fashioned now, pure athleticism without much in the way of artistry. But they were the pillars on which the Soviet skating dynasty were built--meticulously technical, fast, powerful, innovative. Rodnina especially was a giant in skating history, the only woman besides Sonja Henie to get three Olympic gold medals (and I think also ten world golds, if memory serves). It's entirely appropriate to place them in the top three, though like you I wouldn't place them higher.

    I also love your idea of the pewter medal for Sale/Pelletier on the strength of "Love Story." I recently rewatched that program from the 2002 Olympics and from I think the Grand Prix final for that season. What an amazing program: everything came together, including Lori Nichol's unparalleled choreography, Jamie and David's powerful yet lyrical skating, even a storyline beautifully conveyed through movement. Even the costumes were perfect—seemingly informal, yet in as much unison as the skating. Yes, that program alone is more meaningful (to me, at least) than many other entire careers. Good choice!
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    Bijoux, I totally agree with your rankings. Particularly R&Z. Any team that can skate to no music and win Worlds should be considered one of the best of all time in my book.

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    1-2 the Protopopovs Berezhnaya & Shikarulidze I can't decide, I love them both equally! Both were amazing athletes and genuine artists that never failed to move and thrill me
    #3: Gordeeva & Grinkov - skating as one.
    Honorable mention: Shen & Zhao and my adored Savchenko & Szolkowy *please keep skating*

    OTOH: IMO S/P are soooo overrated: generic and simple choreography, no outstanding technique, cheesy and lots of posing. They never deserved to even come close to B/S in 2002 or 2001 and aren't even in my top 20.

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