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    Something annoying

    Don'tcha HATE when magazine articles mention skaters for some reason, and say they are Olympic Gold Medalists, when they're not?

    I found an article, called The Future of Fashion that has nothing to do with skating, but the models for it were Tai and Randy. And it says they are Olympic Gold Medalists. Now is it just me or is that inaccurate? On VH1's Where Are They Now they said that they withdrew from the Olympics! (note: I wasn't even thought of when that actually happened lol so this was the only way I knew them lol)

    sorry if this is in the wrong forum lol I apologize ahead of time so I don't feel silly afterwards.

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    you are right!!

    don't worry, it is great to learn about skater that were around before you were awear of skating. But you are right Tai and Randy did indeed withdraw from the 1980 olympics...during the Warm-up to the long program. BIG SIGH!!! That has got to be the most heart breaking moment of moden skating. Tai and Randy were the only American Pairs world champs in the last 50 years.

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    Link to the article

    In case you are curious about the article, here it is.

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    I hate to read things like that too. I mean, its the Olympic Gold Medal...not a novice nationals title. You'd think that someone writing an article, especially if it is a job, would do some research and deliver a factual piece. And just the mention of Tai and Randy always makes me a little sad! They had such a great chance for an Olympic medal..certainly silver and quite possibly gold. At least they had the chance to win a World title, though.

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    There is always the "Letter to the Editor" to correct such misstatements.


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    Well, it can all be fixed with a simple comma: "...Olympic, Gold Medalists paris..."

    They did compete at the 76 Olys finishing a respecable 5th (the US and UK judges had them in 2nd) and they are world Gold Medalist.

    P.S. One books says that Tai was the first black athelete at a winter games!

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    funny miscue

    the funniest miscues i've seen were:

    before the 1998 olympics, the sd union tribune said: tara lipinski was the first to land the triple toe/triple toe combination

    an e! hollywood true story once said that tonya harding was the 1991 world champion.

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