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Thread: We can now call her Dr. Kwan

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    Michelle isn't going around calling herself anything. She was invited to address the graduating class at this college. As is customary, the college acknowledged her accomplishments in this way.

    Sort of like, President Obama was invited to address the graduating class at the University of Michigan. They gave him an honorary degree.

    Mr. Obama is cool. But I like Michelle better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wonbinfan86 View Post
    I completely agree, I have a friend in a PhD program for computational biology at georgetown and I can't even imagine how many endless hours he will spend in the lab to finally earn it, let alone defend his dissertation in front of a panel of distinguished scientists. I think it is incredibly offensive and distasteful to go around calling yourself "Doctor' when you haven't earned the title. When Michelle has published in Nature then we can call her "Dr. Kwan"
    Sheesh it is an honorary degree. Nothing distasteful or offensive about that actually it is an honor and an accomplishment to be asked to give a commencement speech. I doubt Michelle will be signing her name as Dr. Kwan anytime soon.

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    When Michelle says in her speech that she'll call herself Dr. Kwan, she's joking. And we're all joking, too--I figured I ought to make that point because some posters seem to think that there's something nefarious afoot.

    Really, this happens every year in just about every college and university, and no new doctors result from the practice! Though I suspect that someday in the future, the Kween will earn her own Ph.D. with the sweat of her brow, and then she'll be Dr. Kwan for real.

    I just read Michelle's speech, and it's lovely. I think my favorite part is when she points out that many people just wish that they had gotten a good education, but this is one regret the graduates will never have. I got a chuckle out of her mention of having achieved her undergraduate degree "under the ten-year plan," and her remark that she may be the only commencement speaker in the country who just handed in some term papers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyla2 View Post
    No, Michelle is not entitled to use the word "Doctor." The degree is honorary and people who are given honorary doctorates do not use the title of "Doctor." That would be incorrect and very bad form. Michelle would never do that. Someday I can see her earning the real thing (Doctorate). Congratulations to her for the honorary one in the meantime.
    Actually, she is entitled to call herself Doctor. Lots of honorary "Drs." do. But I doubt if she will.

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