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I had thought that, too, but I went back to watch the program, and it has some lovely features. There are arm movements and irregular turns that give this program such texture and originality. I think I've avoided watching this because it was a "bad" year for Michelle--she lost her world championship to Tara and had a few falls and bobbles. But in this competition she did her falling in the short program (ending up in fourth place there) and pulled herself up with this long program. It's a flowing program with great subtlety, and you can see Michelle's increased maturity. She moves with the command and completeness of a great dancer, and as if her motions were creating the music. For anyone who likes to see what skating is capable of, it's definitely worth another look.
She definitely moves very well but ultimately I don't think the arm movements and such really add up to much in that program. The choreography doesn't create any kind of specific feeling. It's nice by itself but ultimately doesn't interpret the music brilliantly. The music needed choreography that was more hard-edged, IMO.