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    Quote Originally Posted by sunny0760 View Post
    rtureck seems to ask youtubo whether Yuna is beatable or unbeatable but this is my two cents.
    Actually, I did not ask youtubo whether Yuna was beatable or unbeatable. But I find it interesting that youtubo post Scott's comments about yuna at olys in a wolrd lp thread. Youtubo post the same comments from Scott twice without adding any of his/her comments????? And what s/he said seemed to be contradictory.

    I know YuNa is beatable, period. I think even Yuna herself dares not to dismiss other top skaters. This is a world lp thread and not whether Yuna is rhetorically unbeatable or not. Maybe youtubo is confused about geography, and mistook world lp thread as an olys thread. (Afterall youtubo is the person who went to the Guiness world record thread and called the Guiness world record, Guiness Japanese record. )

    Yeah, this lp maybe her last, and in this comp she was beaten by another skater, not by herself. I already had quite a discussion with a Yuna fan in this thread earlier, that some skaters, e.g. Mao has the potential to beat Yuna everytime they both laced up. I don't read Yuna's mind , but I think Yuna herself believes that too. Going forward, I hope if Yuna continues to skate, she is doing it for herself and not for her federation or whatever. Yuna has accomplished all hef goals, she deserves to go to Disneyland or go to college, and do whatever makes her happy. The thought of Ito 1996 worlds still hurts. And now I am off topic.

    Anyways back on topic, I learnt something from watching world lp, it was tough to accept and finally learn why Laura was placed third
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