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Thread: Golden and Rusty Hangers

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    Golden and Rusty Hangers

    Since we are all reminiscing in another thread, I thought I would start another post-season favorite of mine. Amazing costumes goes on golden hangers. Rusty hangers are for the most dreadful, what the heck were they thinking costumes

    Golden hangers
    Shen and Zhao's short program costume
    Yu Na's sp dress
    Rubleva's OD dress
    Ryan Bradley's lp costume

    Rusty Hangers: Elena Glebova lp dress, Nakano's firebird onesy (I feel bad cuz I know her mom made it, but I still love her and her mom by proxy), Ben Agosto FD costume (how can she look so gorgeous only to have him look like a bad Elvis impersonator?)
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    I will start with Rusty Hangers: D/S OD costumes. Merly's FD dress. I know she was portraying a character but I hated it.
    Elena G. LP Dress. I am sure I will think of more these are just off the top of my head.

    Golden Hangers: YuNa's SP Dress; Caro K. LP Dress; Sara M. LP Dress; Joannie's SP & LP Dresses.

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    Golden Hangers - Laura's red LP dress - and also both of Mirai's dresses. I liked both of Yuna's dresses. And Akiko too.
    I liked Patrick's LP outfit - so classy!

    I think Ben Agosto had seriously bad costumes for the OD and FD. Wasn't crazy about Tanith's costumes either but she gets away with it better.

    Thougt a bonfire would be a good way to be rid of most of Miki and Mao's dresses.

    And I hope Kevin's skeleton costume is never seen again except for halloween parties

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    Golden: both of Yu-na's, Mirai's and Evans. Diasuke's Freeskate outfit, S&S both programs, both of Laura's ( but she would make anything look good). Davis and White OD and FD ( but though all the CD costumes were amaturish).

    Rusty: anything worn by Koklova and Navinsky. Zhang/Zhang free costumes (both). KVDP both programs. Tanith and Ben at the Olympics. Johnny's SP outfit and the one with the fur.

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    Golden: Phaneuf's SP & LP dresses, V&M OD, John Kerr and his kilt at Worlds! Chan's LP, Rochette SP & LP

    Rusty: definitely Dom&Shab OD, everything K&N ever wear, Kevin V der P's SP outfit, Kavaguti's LP dress, those metallic blue things on the Ukrainians and all of the dance outfits full of flying scraps that supposedly make them look faster.

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    Golden Hangers: Yu-Na's SP and LP dresses, Daisuke's SP and LP outfit, Johnny's LP costume, Joannie's SP dress, Davis/White's OD outfits, Virtue/Moir's OD & FD costumes

    Rusty Hangers: Miki's Requiem dress at Olys & Cleopatra dress at GPF, some of Mao's costumes this season (lose the chokers, please), DomShab's OD, Kavaguti's LP outfit, Ben Agosto's FD costume

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    I only watched the Ladies event, so...

    Golden: Yu-na's SP and LP dress (the blue was simply stunning and the SP dress fit the song PERFECTLY)
    Mirai's SP and LP dress (I loved the gold and black of the SP and the red dress had just the right amount of glamor and style)
    Rusty: Mao's SP and LP (O.o What can I say, the clothing was just... wrong, wrong I'm sorry)
    Miki (... I don't even have words other than ***)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ren View Post
    some of Mao's costumes this season (lose the chokers, please)
    AMEN. I hate the chokers. This isn't 1998.
    I find a lot of her costumes are "gawdy" (sp?).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saundy View Post
    AMEN. I hate the chokers. This isn't 1998. (Mao Asada)
    I think Yuna pulls hers off quite nicely. I think it depends on what the overall outfit looks like.

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    I like that Akiko onesie!

    Rusty- Ben's white ice cream man/Elvis outfit.

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    Someone on these boards ( somewhere ) said Mao's costumes looked like they came out of a 19th century French bordello...I couldn't agree more.

    Rusty hangers for all , including that optical-illusion-puzzle , headache-inducing exhibition dress.

    Most rusty and corroded hangers go to Miki , K/N, all the fussiness and scraps B/A were buried in, Ukrainian V/M's bad Sci-Fi movie look , the skeleton and the straight jacket , Russian D/S ..OD & FD, French D/S..FD. All Schindler costumes. Pernelle Carron & partner ( his name escapes me at the moment, I know there's a Lloyd involved )..FD. Leonova's SP at Euros..too naked by half , too dressy for the could I forget N/B's OD..

    Moderately rusty..Vanessa Crone's CD dress ..Nice from the waist up, too,too much from the waist down. Leonova's SP Oly and Worlds' ...a little more covered each time out ..quite pretty by Worlds, but still too dressy for the program.

    life intervenes , I'll have to come back for the golds

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