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Thread: What Are Torrents???

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    What Are Torrents???

    Is the Torrent a program to download??? Please tell me what they are.

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    I don't know the technical term but a torrent is basically a link that contains Peer-To-Peer sharing information about a specific file. In other words, it's something you click on that, with the appropriate program installed, allows you to download a certain file from other computer(s), if they are connected.

    Someone can probably give a better explanation than that though. :o
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    bitTorrent is a p2p network, which means that it's a network where you can share your files with other users and download them from different users at the same time improving the downloading speed.

    In case of bitTorrent before downloading the files from the network you have to find and download a special .torrent file which contains all necessary technical information to start downloading those specific file/files (with a singe .torrent you can share a lot of files and even folders). Basically you have to open that file with your bitTorrent client and then it will ask you where to save your files, like you are downloading them from the Internet. After that the downloading should start automatically and you don't have to do anything. You can also choose what exact files you want to download from a specific .torrent if you don't want them all.

    The best bitTorrent client, I think, is uTorrent:

    Here is the example of a .torrent file: you can just test how it works with it.

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    Hi dee
    Torrent is a protocol that allows you to exchange files/data between users. The torrent has all the information that are needed for this file, which user has it, what it contains, what volume it has, etc..You need a program for this.
    Download Utorrent as Daniel told you, it is the most user friendly of all programs. This will help you download the files (torrents you find). Now to search for torrents this is one of the most popular site,
    So you can go to search and seach for figure skating, and it will list you all torrents available. Hit one to see the description the user has put to what it is about and if you want to download it, pc will ask you, you want to open this type of file with Utorrent? (probably after first time it will be done automatically). You say yes and then the Utorrent does the work.

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    I am not sure what torrent has to do with a computer, but here in British Columbia - at least Vancouver, the word usually is linked to a rain storm - as in "torrents of rain"
    Here is the dictionary meaning:

    tor·rent   /ˈtɔrənt, ˈtɒr-/ Show Spelled[tawr-uhnt, tor-] Show IPA
    1.a stream of water flowing with great rapidity and violence.
    2.a rushing, violent, or abundant and unceasing stream of anything: a torrent of lava.
    3.a violent downpour of rain.

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    Keep in mind Peer-to-Peer may also turns your computer into a server, offering the download to other P2P users.

    I work at a university which does not permit P2P use, since it creates bandwidth issues. Anyone detected with P2P software installed on a university computer will be warned and instructed to remove it. Sometimes people install P2P at home on their laptop. They will eventually bring the laptop to the university and connect it to the network without thinking/knowing about the issues.

    On a few occasions we have had notices routed to us by external media angencies representing video, music, and software companies. Apparently they detected computers on our network offering P2P downloads of copyrighted software (Solidworks) and movies (Dance Flick). At a university, it is not uncommon for this to happen due to student behavior. However if you work at a commercial company, it could be embarassing having your employer catch you with P2P connected through their network.
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