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Thread: Johnny's Bad Romance

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    Quote Originally Posted by ks777 View Post
    Is this like a drag queen show? I can see why SOI didn't want Johnny.

    Ah it is fine, we want him! I wish he was doing the other dates as well! The group number of the 4 was very well received Actually it is a good show, it runs few years though, it needs some improvements. Personally I dont like much the acrobats in shows and they have enough numbers. But this time they also host a skater who is in wheelchair now and this is a very interesting one to watch. These two first nights the arenas were full and the capacity was around 14.000 seats.
    Plushenko will be delighted to hear that you converted his Kings to Drag queens.

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    I don't mind the crazy makeup and costume so much, if he had the skating to back it up. The little skating he did could be improved upon by a juvinille girl. The older skaters can get away with cheater doubles due to thier star power and age. Not to mention superior skating skills. For johhnny to double foot a double toe that had like 3 inches of height is not acceptable one month after his "perfect" Olympic skate. It's not like he is injuired.

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    I liked it!! He did seem tired, but so are a lot of other skaters after such a long season. I think this is a work of progress and I expect it to be better each time he skates it!!

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    Thank you for posting the link
    The costume is so Gaga!

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    I don't think he seemed that out of shape, but the program was totally cheesy. I can also see why SOI didn't want it, like someone else said.

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