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Thread: what skaters do you love who never really made it?

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    I'm not even a fan but Sasha has made it. She is the star of SOI. She won an Olympic medal. Johnny never won an Olympic medal and he has made it. Sure Sasha didn't live up to expectations but she's well known. With Michelle out, the Olympis fed were just salivating hoping Sasha would make it to the Olympics so that they would still have an star to market in the U.S for the marquee event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raatkirani View Post
    Most of my heartbreakers have already been mentioned. For me the list would be:
    Alexander Abt (number one for sure...immensely talented, judging victim)
    Drobiazko and Vanagas (judging victims)
    Ryan Bradley
    AP McDonough
    Jenny Kirk
    Nicole Bobek
    Tiffany Stiegler
    Shelby Lyons
    Lucinda Ruh
    Angela Nikodinov
    Dare I say...Silvia Fontana?

    Shelby Lyons! I remember her.

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