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I doubt Rochette will skate another competitive season. Ando failed to beat Lepisto this time around even with a clean freeskate. Yes, Mirai certainly will be a threat to the podium if she can repeat this season.
Miki also bombed her SP, not only did she fall but she didn't do a combination jump either, plus if her 2lo in the LP hadn't been downgraded she would have won bronze. Russian girls won't be eligilble for at least another year, and most of them not for 2 more years so that shouldn't affect 2011. Alena and Ksenia are good but I think it will take them a couple more years until they are really medal threats. Mirai def has a shot, and she usually is pretty consistent so I wouldn't count her out. If Joannie and Yuna don't compete next year, then it is very possible Laura may be the World Gold Medalist.