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Thread: Johnny Weir and The Advocate Article.

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    Johnny Weir and The Advocate Article.

    It was supposed to be an Interview but the 'gay' reporter can't get him for that. So the Article in The Advocate which is a gay magazine dishes a lot.

    One line caught my eye:
    Weir's diva sensibility and annoying coyness about his sexuality are matched only by his exquisite narcissim.
    The article also notes:
    In am era when many effeminaate boys still feel like they are fabulous and that they have to turn themselves inside out in order to survive junior high school, Weir's gender nonconformity is one of figure skating's greatest gifts to popular culture
    I wish I could reproduce the article, but I am not computer savvy so if anyone can, please do.

    In the meantime, I don't think Johnny will ever come out of the closet and I also think: He doesn't have to. Viva Weir.
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    what an interesting article (and a fair take on SOI that I was not expecting at all). for someone who DIDN'T get an interview, it's amazing that the writer kept interest for three pages - considering it's really just rehashing what Weir's done post Olympics.

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    Lest any Johnny fan avoid the article, the author gave this assessment of Johnny's Olympic programs:

    But where many of his competitors delivered community theater–rate artistic performances, Weir gave us La Scala. He always has, ever since he burst onto the amateur scene in 2001, winning the world junior championships in puffy white sleeves and a blue vest decorated with silver-and-gold embroidery. In Vancouver, Weir floated across the ice in equally elegant garb to “Nocturne,” the stirring cello piece by Italian film composer Ennio Morricone. His face contorted with what appeared to be an overriding desire to create 4½ minutes of indelible beauty. .

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    What is this? Suddenly two threads dedicated to Mr. Weir with renewed old information. Another round of attacking SOI? Do any of you want to bring down the men's figure skating further, and prove what many people said all along was right that figure skating is indeed a gay sport?

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    Gotta love latent homophobia.

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