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Thread: Should Miki Leave Morosov?

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    Should Miki Leave Morosov?

    I love Miki Ando. She is a lovely woman and I think she is packaged totally wrong. Her music, her costumes, his choreography. I like what Morozov has done for some skaters but I feel this man is all wrong for this beautiful Japanese skater. I read she will follow him to Russia. I just see a skater who has great talent and is mishandled. I would love to see her with Yuka Sato.

    Do her fans feel she is done? I think she can get nothing good from this coach. Opinions from Miki fans?

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    I really like Miki and I still think she has potential to be even better but to me she has gone as far as she can with NM. I think she should have left before this past year but I knew she would never leave.

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    I'd rather see her with someone who would guide her toward other "packaging" too. I think she could do a modern music type program with a costume with clean, elegant lines very well. Or classical music that is not the romantic or bombastic type, again I'd just like to see her having more simple elegance in her costuming, music, etc. (I know her mom has made some of her costumes, btw). Also I wonder if she doesn't need a coach to take the same approach with her as Carroll did with Mirai, basically banning the tears and emotional outbursts to save the energy for the outlet it should be saved for, the skating. Note I am NOT referring to Miki's w/d at Worlds but just her general externalizing personality tendencies -- sometimes I think she lays herself wide open when she should emotionally take care of herself better.

    But OTOH she has kept skating for several seasons more than I thought she would, just given some of her past comments about quitting, etc. So maybe something in NM's coaching keeps her zest for skating alive ???

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    Re: emotional outbursts, I agree that lying herself wide open to the public may lead to a more complicated situation. But she seems extremely honest by nature. She says that she tends to reveal her personal emotions on the ice. Moreover, she gets a lot of media attention and has many more opportunities than average ppl to talk about herself in public. Yet, not expressing oneself would not necessarily mean not having emotional ups and downs in oneself anyway. It just prevents the secondary and tertiary disasters out of her control (e.g., criticisms and bashing by others), but not a fundamental resolution. Besides, she gets lots of fan support for being so expressive and honest. So perhaps both good and bad for her to be very honest.

    She has had a lot of painful periods, but seems to eventually raise herself up over and again. Miki sounds like trusting Morosov a lot and I suppose that they are doing well.

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    I know that Miki's mother has made some of her costumes , but according to whose design , I've often wondered, since they seem to look much like the kind of thing that Morozov's other female skaters have worn. But whoever designs them, they're mostly pretty tacky and I wish someone would put Miki's best interests ahead of who gets to make ( or save) money from designing Miki's costumes. I can't believe Miki's mother was responsible for the spider over the naked-looking breast costume.

    I think the close bond between Skater and coach , in this case, doesn't help Miki..she has often seemed emotionally at odds with Morozov...

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    I like Nikolai. I think he's an amazing coach and Miki has been doing fine with him. But after four years, I think she should change. As princess9 said, Yuka Sato would be a great choice! I think Rafael Arutunian would be nice, too. Miki needs to unleash her technical abilities! As for her costumes, I love most of them. I think they're great, though I would like seeing Miki with simpler costumes, like the one she used in the LP at the 2007 Worlds. It was gorgeous! Anyways, I feel really confident for next season. I think her performance at Worlds this year changed everything. Miki seemed relieved and so proud when she finished her LP. I think she is ready to let go what happened four years ago. Go Miki!

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