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Thread: Skater Elaine Zayak: "Kim is the most beautiful champion."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olympia View Post
    Athletic? Indeed! She was the most athletic skater of her time. In fact, she did so many triples in a program, that the Committee instituted the rule forbidding repeats of triples in a program. You may have heard of it...the Zayak Rule?

    Look her up. You'll enjoy what you see, especially the 84 Worlds, where she redeemed herself dramatically with a fiery long program to win a bronze, if I recall correctly. The kid was dynamite on blades.
    Actually, I liked her 1980 and 1981 LP's just as well.

    Her 1980 LP ( I think she is 14 here?) I love the 3 spread eagles with the 2A in the middle, not to mention the 2a3t and 2lz3t combos.

    Her 1981 LP from Nationals

    And here's oneof the reasons she had problems with some figures:

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    That's a great interview. It's good to see a former champ looking so happy. (And I'm shocked at how young she still looks! Hard to believe her skating days were 20-30 years ago!! ) She was the kind of skater who wins your heart and totally wows you, whether you know about her foot or not. Thanks for posting all the Zayakiana.

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    Quote Originally Posted by janetfan View Post
    For years there was an ordinace that prohibited building anything taller than the Wm Penn statue atop the city hall in the center of the city. That was rescinded um.....15 years ago and since then some skyscrapper type buildings have sprung up west of City Hall. Most are built in the style that we see in the Lower Manhattan/financial distict of NYC.
    You can see that I haven't been there for a while.

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    I have to say, I really love your sense of humor and satire displayed in your recent posts (not just in this thread)!!

    This forum has some very articulate and intelligent users it seems - it's getting pretty addicting.

    Anyway, yes of course Yuna is the most beautiful champion of all time!!

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    Rumblefish, I just want to say this you're brave for starting this thread. I just copied this line from Rtureck. LOL.
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