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Thread: Canadian ice dancers McCurdy - Coreno retire

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    Canadian ice dancers McCurdy - Coreno retire

    The canadian more than crowded ice dance field just got a little slimmer, former senior bronze medalists, and junior champions and current 4CC runner - ups Allie Hann McCurdy and Michael Coreno announced their retirement:

    Good luck and all the best to them

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    Re: Canadian ice dancers McCurdy - Coreno retire

    I'm sorry to hear it. I thought they made great improvements this last year over the previous year.

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    Re: Canadian ice dancers McCurdy - Coreno retire

    Me too. I really wish they could have made the switch to Z/S a year or two sooner. Their improvement was wonderful. But with the success they had two or three years previously , I guess they couldn't have predicted they'd drop from 3rd to 6th and lose int'l assignments and funding.

    I hope they'll turn out to be really good coaches and enjoy much success.

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    Re: Canadian ice dancers McCurdy - Coreno retire

    This is disappointing and seems very much tied to the loss of funding as they seemed as enthusiastic as ever. I loved their professionalism and temperaments. Hopefully they will get support from Skate Canada in their efforts to become coaches and will enjoy success bringing through a next generation.

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