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Thread: Coupe de Nice Info

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    Apr 2007
    do you have any link to see today competitions?

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    Feb 2008
    Nizza is owned by Russia!

    The next vicotory ... they won all comeptitons excpect Ice Dancing!

    3 gold medals for Mishin students ... plus gold for the new pair G/E and Leonova. WOW!

    Really happy for Ira Vannut! The next good competiton for her!

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    Jan 2007
    Great skate for Ira Vannut.

    4th and 3rd in her JGP, and now a very respectable 4th in her Senior Debut.

    I absolutely love her back-spiral into a T.Loop - D.Loop combo.

    Best Belgium skater I've seen in a long time. Stronger then current Belgium champion Isabelle Pieman and former champion Sara Falotico. She should challenge for a Top 5 Spot at Junior Worlds, as well as Top 20 at Euro's.

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