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Thread: Pairs

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    Was really impressed with Stolbova/Klimov. They have really improved a lot from last year, they had a real sense of style about them. Both programs grabbed your attention immediately, great scores for both programs. Hopefully they can keep this level up. I expected Sui/Han to stroll to victory but they were very sloppy by comparsion, they really were pushing it technically but other elements were not as good.

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    Well I guess Sui&Han are pushing it really hard with the technical elements and full of transitions programs. Its nice to see a very ambitious young team, plus this is the season to try it all out, they are too young to go to Sr. Worlds anyway but superior enough in the Jr. ranks to guarantee a full GP senior season next year.

    StolbovaKlimov have indeed progressed a lot, I wasnt happy with their Jr. World Bronze last year, but now they have very good chemistry.

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