View Poll Results: Which senior male figure skater are you most excited about this season?

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  • Daisuke Takahashi

    41 35.34%
  • Takahiko Kozuka

    7 6.03%
  • Nobunari Oda

    2 1.72%
  • Jeremy Abbott

    11 9.48%
  • Adam Rippon

    19 16.38%
  • Patrick Chan

    14 12.07%
  • Michal Brezina

    4 3.45%
  • Brian Joubert

    11 9.48%
  • Florent Amodio

    2 1.72%
  • Someone else I will discuss in my post

    5 4.31%
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Thread: Which senior male are you most excited about this season?

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    Interesting to see that Oda gets results in the record books but fails to excite. Why is that?
    Brezina is handicapped by being out this season but clearly he will have his time to 'excite' someday soon.

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    This poll was set up before the season got underway. People probably feel quite differently now. A new poll would be interesting.

    As a researcher of stock market cycles and a contrarian investor, I see people have voted the same way most invest, by going with what is hot at the time and by sentiments - facts, trends, and factors be damned.

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    I've voted for Takahashi before the season started. Now my answer will definitely, absolutely, no contest, be Patrick Chan!
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    I LOVE Adam Rippon - wish he was going to Worlds so I could see him skate one more time this season. He's my new fav.

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    I voted for Chan, but I´m as much excited about e.g. Takahashi, Kozuka, Brezina, Amodio, Abbott and Rippon.

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