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Thread: Torvill and Dean's Bolero "slapstick" tribute

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    Torvill and Dean's Bolero "slapstick" tribute

    I thought this youtube clip was cute!!!

    Now in their seventies, it is 25 years since Jane “Pussy” Porter and Robert “Bobby” Irving performed the spoof at Carlisle art college. One of the most memorable was the slapstick Torvill and Dean Bolero tribute. More....

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    Pussy and Bobby ! My new heroes!

    I love the part where he drags her behind him...

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    Lol, GS, I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It has now been added to my Favorites, so whenever I need a good laugh I just have to watch this brilliant skit. :D

    There are so many wonderful comedic moments in it that it's hard for me to pick favorites, but I have to say the part at the beginning where he crosses himself had me in stitches, as well as at 1:42 seconds into it where he almost falls! And like, colleen, I too love the part wherein he drags her across the room behind him.

    I would love to know Jane & Dean's reaction to this? I betcha they get a kick out of it as well.

    Honestly, whenever I hear this music I think of them, even when I watched an episode of Star Trek long ago where this music was played. You know you've arrived when that happens, especially when spoofs are made of it (lol, this reminds me of Oksana's Dying Swan routine that was constantly spoofed by that male/male acrobatic pair on COI). (:^DDDD

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    When I opened the thread, I thought it was going to be this clip:

    Torvill and Bean

    Jayne and Chris on the Mr. Bean Show

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    Lol, that one's funny too! The car reminds me of those new economical cars where it looks like the only person that can fit inside one is a midget. Seriously, when I see them on the freeway I'm surprised they're not blown over by the wind, especially when a semi-truck passes by. :D

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    omg! hahaa! thank you for posting this!

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