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Thread: Any reliable news on Don and Hunt?

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    Any reliable news on Don and Hunt?

    I'm wondering about Don and Hunt. I just saw where Jennifer Don withdrew from Midwestern Sectionals. Earlier I read somewhere (I think here at Goldenskate) that Jonathon Hunt was injured, but got no details. The pair was supposed to skate an ISU event, I believe, but withdrew.

    Anyone have any news of what's going on with them? The pair doesn't even have a website. They were very impressive at last year's nationals, for a young, new team. Will we see them at nationals? I sure hope so.


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    They withdrew from both of their Grand Prix events, Skate Canada and Trophee Lalique. The reason cited was "illness," rather than "injury."


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    Jennifer Don got a bye to Nationals because she skated in the Golden Spin. I guess that covered them both.

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    They have a bye to Nationals in pairs because they placed in the top six last year.

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