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Thread: Ladies

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    Nice going Vanessa!!

    That is the first gold for the U.S. junior ladies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shine View Post
    Zijun probably had some major problem with her SP. I'm guessing there was a big pop somewhere. The early draw also didn't help her PCS. She managed to score about the same points at her last event and that was with an omitted combo spin + 1 deduction. She has been super consistent the past two years in domestic competitions. I hope nerves are not catching up to her yet..she's way to young for that.

    Kiri's PCS are quite astounding. I wonder if she improved a lot over the two weeks? I thought her presentation in her FS in Japan was quite weak.

    Good for Vanessa Lam though! She sounds super promising. Can't wait to see her skate.
    Zijun had all her 3-loop's in the SP & LP marked <.

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