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Thread: 1994 Olympics - Men's competition

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    1994 Olympics - Men's competition

    Idea Taken from "The Edge" - If they had all skated CLEAN, who would have won Gold in your opinion?

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    Many people have picked Browning, but he didn't even have a 3 Lutz in his FS did he? How do you think the judges would've looked at this had he skated cleanly?

    I know Kurt had oodles of trouble with the Lutz--did he do it when he won his 4 World titles?


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    According to Scott Hamilton, Boitano "won" all the practices in Lillehammer.

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    Re: 1994

    he had one in 1992's FS... I'll have to rewatch my tape with his Olympic FS in 1994... but I feel he could have taken it... his SP was the best in the competition IMO... if only he hadn't popped that stupid 2Axel I'll bet he'd have made it to the podium

    ah well... he's living proof that the medals don't make the skater

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