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Thread: Men - Free program

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    ^ In most years, host federations are limited in how much they can water down the field to help their own skaters. The year after the Olympics typically features a lot of retirements from the top ranks, but under the rules each Grand Prix event must have one of the top three from the previous worlds and one of 4th through 6th.

    Plus, skaters meeting certain qualifications are guaranteed two GP events, so host federations often have no choice but to invite a strong field.
    Yes, that is true, and the top 3 seeds may get to choose where they will skate. But hosts can pick seed #6 instead of #4, and of 7-12 at Worlds, 10-12 rather than 7-9. Hosts are also aware of which skaters start off slowly in the early season.


    Skate Canada picked #6 RIPPON as their second seed rather than #4 Abbott (who won SC last year) or #5 Brezina. From Worlds 7-12, they picked #8 VAN DER PERREN, who doesn't usually skate well in the early season, and #12 FERNANDEZ.

    The others:
    ODA - DNQ for the FS at Worlds. Was #4 WR (World Ranking), #6 SB (Seasons Best list)
    PREAUBERT - Did not compete at Worlds. #8 WR, #24 SB
    GACHINSKY - #3 JW. #21 WR, #33 SB
    NANRI - Did not compete in an ISU Championship. #34 WR, #60 SB
    HOCHSTEIN - #5 JW. #33 WR, #38 SB
    BERNTSSON - #15 Euros. #36 WR, #43 SB
    BACCHINI - #16 Euros. #54 WR, #45 SB

    Oda was picked because he trains in Canada and is popular with Canadian fans. On paper (based on WR and SB) Gachinsky and Preaubert were unlikely to give Reynolds much competition; Nanri, Berntsson, Bacchini and Hochstein were likely selected to help Jeremy Ten place above the bottom 4.

    That is not to say that Canada is the only host that plays this game.

    Except for #4 seed BREZINA (who reportedly has an injury) and Worlds 7-12, the TEB men's field is also on the weak side:

    Worlds 7-12: #11 REYNOLDS, #22 WR, #20 SB; #8 KOZUKA, #13 WR, #12 SB
    VORONOV - #16 Worlds, #14 Olympics, #16 WR, #15 SB
    MROZ - #4 4CC, #23 WR, #23 SB; 7th and 8th in 09-10 GP
    SONG - #1 JGPF, #2 JW, #17 WR, #29 SB
    KOVALEVSKY - #16 Worlds, #43 WR, #41 SB
    LIEBERS - no ISU Champ (injured much of last year), #50 WR, #54 SB
    KELEMEN - #29 Olympics, #138 WR, #73 SB

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    I want a gold medal cause I managed to read last 20 pages at one breath.
    I rewatched chan's Lp and he should have won the Lp by far, great quad and so smooth skating, although I hate the music cuts and the fact that I cant figure out anything about his personality on the ice, plus he forgets there is an audience in the building, looking up to the judges side only. I dont also get what exactly the choreo is about, it is not like I m disapproving and I m not a choreo freak anyway but since it is so busy choreographed I kept wondering what he is impersonating there...see..? if it was an empty choreo I wouldnt wonder
    This music needs drama, theatrical ability and flamboyance a la Takahashi
    For the sp, apart from all the mess I didnt like the choreo at all, but I m glad he didnt try to have a snowball fight ,anyway I think it cant top Kozuka's program to the same music!
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    Forgive me if this was already mentioned (I don't have time to read through almost 30 pages of replies), but I've just noticed that Rippon achieved a personal best score for his combined total. I attended both the Men's SP & LP, and Adam's programs were by far my favourites! I was mesmerized from beginning to end. I've always liked his skating, but now I can truly say that I'm love with it!

    Both Rippon and Oda gave me a high-five during the traditional victory lap around the ice, but Chan ignored our section even though we called out his name. Adam then spent a bit of time in a corner of the rink signing autographs for a few fans, but the professional photographers were eager to take snapshots of the three medal winners (Patrick and Nobu were already on the other side of the rink facing the media). The announcer (whom I didn't expect to hear from again) suddenly said over the speakers with his booming voice, "Adam. Adaaaaaaam. Sorry, we need you at the other corner, please!"

    Although Berntsson only finished 11th at this competition, there was a lot of fangirl-ish screaming, cheering and clapping during his fun free skate. The elderly man who sat next me seemed surprised by the enthusiastic reaction because he asked me, "So I take it that this young gentleman is very popular with the ladies, right?"
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    Kristoffer's Berntsson's thoughts on Skate Canada: I'm so glad he mentioned that the Canadian audience was great!

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