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Thread: Ladies - Free Program

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    alissa-good program, good for you. nice to see you relax and not worry about outcome,-nice height on most jumps, back to see your nice flowing, effortless look on ice (like kwan)although a few looked ur that wasn't counted
    Amelie--i wondered hat looked familar a bit, i thought she did, and it paid off for her, keep up good work,but good job
    Ksenia-nice job-good flow, show a bit more personality

    Cythina-good effort-

    But as far as overscored I thinkk all of Skate Canada was overscore, some jumps that should have been called for ur's wasn't, and pc's was definetly overmarked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blades of Passion View Post
    Agreed, but there's no denying the politics Skate Canada employs.
    There is no denying? I deny, Skate Canada would, too.

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    I would have to disagree with the posters who said that the single position spin is boring/ not worth a feature. It is quite difficult to hold a position well for 8 revolutions and end up with a positive GOE ( for maintaining speed and position). Those that do it well should be credited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jan View Post
    I would have to disagree with the posters who said that the single position spin is boring/ not worth a feature. It is quite difficult to hold a position well for 8 revolutions and end up with a positive GOE ( for maintaining speed and position). Those that do it well should be credited.
    I think holding positions out for lengthy amounts of time should be scored in the GOE if it is done well, not as a level feature. It is indeed boring to see a Change-of-foot Combination spin that only has 2 changes of position in the entire spin and, no, it's not that difficult. Not compared to the amount of difficult positions and transitions between positions the skater should have to be doing to get a Level 4.

    ISU finally updated the rules for spins this season so that difficult variations, backwards entrances, and changes of edge only count once per performance a level feature. Spinning for 8+ rotations in the same position, though? They didn't limit that. It gets very repetitive and it's generally not very special.

    If it is going to count for a feature, it should only count once per performance and it should only count if a truly impressive position is held for 8+ rotations. Like a Beillman, or a full donut position, or some kind of position which requires significant stretch/strength in both the skater's back and their limbs. Not just any standard catch-foot or twisted position that normally counts as a difficult variation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nadine View Post
    Okay, now that's it midnight, lol, I was finally able to sit down & watch the Ladies FS (or at least the top dogs, the others I skipped or skimmed over). And here are my thoughts:

    Alissa Czisny was a delight to watch skate! *clapping* She has the complete overall package, same as Carolina Kostner had at NHK last week, only problem with these two is they miss more than they hit, but alas this season they both hit!

    Agnes Zawadzki seemed to me like a different skater all together in the FS. I loved her hair, costume, and program a thousand times more than I did her SP. Easy to see she has the best jumps out there, and when she's on they get her a place on the podium, but when she's off like here it doesn't. Rightfully so. That said, I would love for her to work on her overall look, including cutting her hair into a pixie cut because of her long angular oval face-shape ala Amy Winehouse & Sarah Jessica Park (btw wish Mao would get a pixie cut as well; she's 20 yrs. old now, time to lose the long girlish hair). Here's a great site that talks about different hairstyles for someone with Agnes's face shape: ***NOTE: I hear she's working on a 3A! If true I couldn't be more delighted!***

    Ksenia's FS was very very nice, but she didn't impress me as much as she did with her SP. Good job, good job! (:^)

    That's it, either nobody else impressed me, or I didn't watch their program, or both. I honestly find Mens skating more exciting. C'est la vie.
    Ha! I was thinking the same thing as you and R.D. Of all the skaters - Carolina and Alissa win the first two grand prix events. I love it!!

    Anyway, interesting what everyone was saying about Alissa's spins. They were gorgeous but I wasn't as wowed as usual and I think it has to do with what Blades was explaining about the new spin rules - so thanks for that, Blades.

    This LP is a bit of a different look for Allissa and I like it. Not as much as Sabrina perhaps but it's nice to see her get away from the warhorses and try something a little different and more abstract.
    Bummer about the one fall but great recovery and she otherwise looked comfortable and determined at the same time. Yey!!!!!
    I'm so happy for her!

    Since I'm only NOW getting to watch SC clips I only watched Alissa's LP. I watched Cynthia and Agnes SP, too but I have this thing where if I don't get to watch competitions live, then I have a hard time going back and watching those who I know bombed or struggled. So I can't watch Cynthia's or Agnes' LP...

    As for Agnes, I liked her in the SP and her jumps certainly are big and often look nice and easy. She's a very good all around skater and her SP confirms my feeling that she could be a factor at Nats, although she'll have to be spot on.
    I agree with Nadine that she needs to work on her look. I don't mind the choreo in the SP but it's a bit over the top and I think she could use some refinement. And I really disliked her costume... I did see her FS costume though and I thought it was fun.

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    IMO- Agnes' LP wasn't THAT bad. Just early-season jitters, being on the big stage and all having said that, I saw nothing really special about her.

    Now Gilles, on the other hand...that was a true meltdown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by janetfan View Post
    How nice the first two GP events were won by Ladies many here said should retire. Ha!
    Way to go Alissa.
    Kudos to Alissa and Caro for hanging on!!!

    And this weekend gold to another oldie Go Akiko

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