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Thread: Ice Dance Prospects

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    Quote Originally Posted by herios View Post
    ??? I thought they would be even closer. P/B made huge improvements this year and every time they step on the ice their marks go up. They were having such a huge pattern (aka speed) in their GW that i think Fabian grazed the boards with his skate.
    I wondered about his closeness to the boards too. Does anyone know if this is Olympic sized ice?

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    C/P must have had lost some levels somewhere, they have even lower TES than the russians who had visible bobbles, while the canadians didn't have any.

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    Gee.. I'm usually one of those costume critics... But help has come their way ! Thank you Costume fairy Godmother ! This was a lovely dress. They both looked good. Hope it's the beginning of a new trend.

    I've always been a little leery of this dance for doesn't have a very waltz-like feel, no matter how the meter breaks down , but whether or not that counted for anything with the panel, who knows ?

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    I don't think C/P got dinged for the lack of waltz-like feel in their program. Their PCS alone would have put them in third. But they got smacked down big time in the TES- wonder where the mistakes were??

    Guess we'll have to wait for the protocols to come out.

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