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Thread: U.S. Sectional Championships 11/09/10 - 11/13/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chemistry66 View Post
    I really like all your Unseen Skaters work, Sylvia.

    Something interesting I noticed was some region-switching in at least one team. I pay attention to the Wheaton Ice Skating Academy teams because I find it interesting how successful the program is, especially how young some of the dancers are. I was looking at the rosters to see when the two Junior level teams (Pham/Pham and McNamara/Carpenter) were up at Easterns and couldn't spot the latter. No one was on IcePartnerSearch, and there didn't seem to be injury reports. Then I checked your Pacific Coasts rosters and saw that apparently Lorraine McNamara is now registered with a PC club instead of the Washington FSC. Probably to decrease the amount of competition in the one region, since Easterns has two successful JGP competitive teams and a few other up-and-comers while Coasts seems to have less known-as-successful teams.
    I can't find the Phams on the Nationals list - are they injured?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skatie View Post
    I can't find the Phams on the Nationals list - are they injured?
    According to Sylvia's list on Unseen Skaters ( they've withdrawn. I haven't seen any other info from anything - the Wheaton Academy site (the site of the group the Phams train with) isn't updated incredibly frequently and it doesn't say anything as of yet. It's likely that one of them is injured.

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