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Thread: Russian team for Euros and Worlds

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    Russian team for Euros and Worlds

    Any word on who will make the Russian team for Euros and Worlds?

    The ladies team will obviously be affected by age eligibility requirements.
    Are Volosozhar/Trankov eligible to compete internationally yet?

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    Tatiana and Maxim become eligible for international competition on February 16, so they'll miss Europeans but they can compete at Worlds (though they first have to earn the minimum score at some minor event).
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    Is there a minor event that they can enter which is after Feb. 16th and before Worlds?
    It's ridiculous that the Russian champions can't go to Worlds-I detest this rule about "qualifying" for Worlds by going to a minor championship.

    I'm presuming that they could do the Mont Blanc Challenge Cup which starts on Feb 15 and finishes on Feb 20? The question is whether they can get an ISU clearance certificate, given that the competition starts on the 15th, not the 16th, so that they can be in compliance with Rule 102.

    The 2nd Mont Blanc Trophy Competition will be conducted in accordance with ISU
    Constitution and ISU Regulations 2010, and all pertinent ISU Communications for Figure
    Skating and Ice Dance.
    All Competitors must be eligible persons in accordance with ISU Rule 102 and must meet
    participation, citizenship and residency requirements in ISU rule 109 and Communication
    n°1117. In accordance with ISU Rule 109 and ISU Communication n°1117, all skaters who
    do not have nationality of the Member by which they have been entered or who, although
    having such nationality, have in the past represented another Member, must produce an
    ISU Clearance Certificate.
    If not that, the International Challenge Cup at The Hague, which is in early March? However, entry forms are not on the ISU website yet, and I don't know whether this is an approved Senior B. It does have a senior pairs competition involved, and as it is listed as an ISU international event on the event calendar, it will probably work.

    At least Tatiana & Maxim live in Europe where there are a lot of Senior B's. If they lived in the US or Canada, this would be impossible without making 2 trips to Europe-one for the Senior B, suppossing there is one, and one for Worlds, or else training for a month in Europe.

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    Euros team finally announced:

    Menshov, Gachinski
    (Alternate: Voronov, Bush)
    Leonova, Makarova
    (Alternate: Biryukova)
    Ice Dance:
    B/S, R/T, I/K (huge relief)
    (Alternate: K/A, G/B)
    K/S, B/L, G/E
    (Alternate: I/M, Stolbova/Klimov)

    Voronov, I/M and G/B will go to the Universiade

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    someone is watching the gala?

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    Artem Borodulin?

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    doris, this is from the Golden Skate write-up on the SP

    The team, which is not eligible for the European Championships because Volosozhar represented Ukraine at the Olympic Games, plans to participate in two events in Italy and in the Hague to meet the ISU requirements for the minimum score before the World Championships.
    So hopefully they'll be all right.

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    Found the Mont Blanc schedule - the pairs short programs are on February 17th

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    Whatever happened to Artem Borodulin? It doesn't look like he's competed in a while.

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